Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s Prairie provinces which is bordered by land on all sides. Northern territories in the north, Alberta in the west, Manitoba in the east and US states of  Montana and North Dakota in the south. Saskatchewan’s name is derived from Saskatchewan River. WIth a population of a little over one million, its economy is primarily based on agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and natural resources. Saskatoon and Regina are the two most populous cities in the province, Regina being the capital.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is developed by the provincial government to attract prospective immigrants who possess the required skills and experience and plan to live in Saskatchewan on a permanent basis to help develop the economy. An approved SINP certificate opens doors for a nominated individual to apply for a permanent residency through IRCC. A provincial PNP helps in making the whole process faster than some of the other immigration options. SINP is currently taking applications under three major streams, International Skilled Worker Stream; Saskatchewan Experience Stream; Entrepreneur Stream; and Farm Stream.

International Skilled Worker Stream: International skilled worker stream under SINP if for skilled foreign workers who want to work and settle down in Saskatchewan. All applicants accumulate points based on their eligibility under the following sub-categories.

  • International Skilled Worker - Employment Offer: This subcategory is for individuals who have a skilled job (NOC 0, A or B) offer from an eligible employer in Saskatchewan. You are required to score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the SINP points assessment grid to qualify.
  • International Skilled Worker - Occupations In-Demand:

This program is currently closed.

This category involves individuals who do not have a job offer in Saskatchewan but are highly-skilled in an in-demand occupation in the province. You are required to score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the SINP points assessment grid and a language score to qualify

  • International Skilled Worker - Saskatchewan Express Entry:

        This program is currently closed.

       This subcategory is for skilled workers who are already in the IRCC’s Express Entry pool with an active profile number and job seeker validation code and who want to live and work in Saskatchewan. You must be able to score 60 points in the SINP points assessment grid to qualify.

Saskatchewan Experience Stream: The Saskatchewan experience stream of SINP is for skilled foreign workers who are currently in Saskatchewan. This stream is further divided into five sub categories.

  • Existing Work Permit: This category is for skilled workers who have been working in Saskatchewan for at least six months with a valid work permit issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).Your permanent, full-time job offer must be for the same position that you have been working in for the past six months.
  • Health Care Professionals: This category is for skilled workers who have been working full-time in Saskatchewan for at least six months, on a work permit as a Physician; Nurse; or as other health professional.
  • Hospitality Sector Project: This subcategory is for foreign workers who are currently working in Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit for a minimum of six months (960 hours). The employer has to be SINP hospitality approved. And the work must fall under one of the following NOCs - Food and Beverage (NOC 6513); Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper (NOC 6711); and Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff (NOC 6731).
  • Long-Haul Truck Driver Project: Trucking firms who want to get their long-haul truck drivers to Saskatchewan might fall under this sub-category. To qualify, long-haul truck drivers must start working for an approved trucking firm in the province. They can apply for SINP after completion of six months of employment in a permanent job offer.
  • Students: Students who have graduated from a recognized postsecondary institution in Saskatchewan with a certificate; diploma or a degree. Other requirements include but are not limited to a paid work term of minimum six months (960) hours in the province on a valid work permit granted by IRCC.

Entrepreneur Stream:

The SINP Entrepreneur program will conduct the following Expression of Interest (EOI) pool selections in 2017/18:

  • October 31, 2017 
  • January 17, 2018

The entrepreneur stream is developed for individuals who want to invest, purchase or partner in a new or established business in Saskatchewan. They have to take an active role in management functions of the business. Under this program, applicants have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the provincial government and wait for their selection based on their merit. Once all the documents are verified, SINP is issued.

Farm Stream: Under the farm stream of SINP, farmers who wish to invest capital in a farming operation in Saskatchewan and also wish to live and settle down in the province are invited to apply. Applicants have to show a considerable capital, they need to have a good farming experience and willingness to buy and run a farm in Saskatchewan.